About Jaime

Jaime Levy is an author, university professor and a pioneer in the creation of innovative digital products and services. Her top-selling O’Reilly Media book is called “UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want”. The book presents a solid framework on the practice, which lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. She currently runs Jaime Levy Consulting, a strategy firm out of Los Angeles, California. Jaime also teaches graduate-level courses on UX design and UX strategy at the University of Southern California

What you will learn

  • How to identify direct and indirect competitors of your value proposition
  • How to conduct competitive research and analysis to explore a marketplace or an opportunity
  • How to define and validate your target users
  • How to focus your team on your product’s primary utility
  • How to validate a value proposition and a provisional persona
  • How to collect and capture quantitative and qualitative data for doing thorough market research
  • How to create UX funnels that increase customer engagement by mapping desired user actions to meaningful metrics
  • Why the empirical practice of user experience strategy is crucial for creating successful online products
  • How to use storyboarding for creating a narrative that focuses on a products’ value innovation and business model
  • How to communicate UX Strategy across your business

What's Included

  • A full day of interactive, hands-on workshop with Jaime
  • Fully catered event in a 5-star venue (Vegan option included)
  • A copy of Jaime’s book ($25.00 value)
  • Get registered in the upcoming UXLIONS professional Directory (Optional)
  • Get an exclusive invitation to the upcoming UXLIONS slack group

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